Miah's Mitzvah Project

As a heart kid, Maggie’s garden has been a place that always makes me happy before a procedure.

My first visit there was when I was 5, before my 1st surgery. I picked a stuffed elephant (I named her Ellie). I’m now 13 and I still sleep with Ellie every night. Since then, I’ve always asked to go to Maggie’s Garden because it makes me feel better before a procedure.

As part of my Mitzvah Project for my Bat Mitzvah in October (rescheduled from May), I want to raise money to help develop a “tween/teen” section of Maggie’s Garden filled with gift cards and games for kids my age.

Thank you for helping me help other heart kids my age!

Miah ❤️

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  1. Miah, You are an inspiration!!!

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