Thank you for your BIG hearts!

We can’t thank our golfers enough for continuing to support the We Maggie Golf Tournament year after year…

2017 Tourney Winners:

  • 1st place: Chris Ceccarelli, Mitchell Fedorka, Scott Jones, Tim Vondran
  • 2nd place: Ken Hagee, Joe VanDeRyt, Eric Pryde, Dennis Martin
  • 3rd place: Mike Scott, Bruce Brekke, Lon Lindell, Mark Gross
  • 9th place: Brenton Wingard, Dominic Massi, Dustin Flatt, Stephane Yelle
  • 14th place: Bill McComb, Charlene McComb, Charlotte Boyce, Jeff Scruggs
  • 19th place: JJ Wisdom, Howard Poe, Gary Lyon, Greg Shino
  • 28th place: Sam Fortune, Peter Cronin, Brad Walker, Julie Sena
  • 1st place Mixed Team: Kelley Scott, Jess Christopherson, Ed Boeve, Jason Jacob, TJ Scott
  • Good Sports Award: Barb Boma, Carla Wisdom, Lisa Smoak, Sharon Jolley

Contest Winners:

  • Closest to Pin: Hole #4:  Lee Browne, Hole #8: John Stewart III, Hole #13: Bill Gubanic, Hole #17: Keith Lopeman
  • Longest Putt: Hole #7: Dave Baklarz, Hole #18: Howard Poe
  • Straightest Drive: Hole #9: Ric Samson, Hole #16: Kevin Connolly

Virtual Golfer Winner:

  • Judy Van Rees


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