2017 Winners!

2017 Winners!

Thank you for your BIG hearts!

We can’t thank our golfers enough for continuing to support the We Maggie Golf Tournament year after year…

2017 Tourney Winners:

  • 1st place: Chris Ceccarelli, Mitchell Fedorka, Scott Jones, Tim Vondran
  • 2nd place: Ken Hagee, Joe VanDeRyt, Eric Pryde, Dennis Martin
  • 3rd place: Mike Scott, Bruce Brekke, Lon Lindell, Mark Gross
  • 9th place: Brenton Wingard, Dominic Massi, Dustin Flatt, Stephane Yelle
  • 14th place: Bill McComb, Charlene McComb, Charlotte Boyce, Jeff Scruggs
  • 19th place: JJ Wisdom, Howard Poe, Gary Lyon, Greg Shino
  • 28th place: Sam Fortune, Peter Cronin, Brad Walker, Julie Sena
  • 1st place Mixed Team: Kelley Scott, Jess Christopherson, Ed Boeve, Jason Jacob, TJ Scott
  • Good Sports Award: Barb Boma, Carla Wisdom, Lisa Smoak, Sharon Jolley

Contest Winners:

  • Closest to Pin: Hole #4:  Lee Browne, Hole #8: John Stewart III, Hole #13: Bill Gubanic, Hole #17: Keith Lopeman
  • Longest Putt: Hole #7: Dave Baklarz, Hole #18: Howard Poe
  • Straightest Drive: Hole #9: Ric Samson, Hole #16: Kevin Connolly

Virtual Golfer Winner:

  • Judy Van Rees


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