2016 Winners!

2016 Winners!

Thank you for your BIG hearts!

We can’t thank our golfers enough for continuing to support the We Maggie Golf Tournament year after year…

2016 Tourney Winners:

  • 1st Place Sam Savalli Award: Dan Paulsen, Jonathan Ogden, Steve Atkins, Bart Zimmer
  • 2nd Place: John Stewart III, Chris Ray, Denny Perak, Scott Oliver
  • 3rd Place: Leslie Krasniewski, Doug Krasniewski, Ed Bentzen, Bill Linnemeyer
  • 9th Place: Rick Roberts, Tom Simons, Ted Yasuda, Dan Flores
  • 14th Place: Bryan Sterling, Kent Fyffe, Greg Jackson, Phil Katzakian
  • 19th Place: Tom Boma, Steve Halvorson, Jerry Wooldridge, Bill Gubanic
  • 28th Place: Thom Berkowitz, Mike Good, Bruce Nelson, Keith Stout
  • 1st Place Mixed: Bill McComb, Charlene McComb, Jeff Scruggs, Charlotte Boyce

Contest Winners:

  • Longest Putt, Hole #2: Lisa Smoak
  • Longest Putt, Hole #11: Brad Haskell
  • Straightest Drive, Hole #9: Beth Handel
  • Straightest Drive, Hole #18: Monique Bowersox
  • Closest to the Pin, Hole #3: Lisa Smoak
  • Closest to the Pin, Hole #12: Ted Chrissinger
  • Closest to the Pin, Hole #15: Craig Ratajczyk

Virtual Golfer winners:

  • Chris Buck & Linda Lund


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